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How to Simplify your Space

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Right now I'm sitting at the kitchen counter with a cup of coffee in my (rarely!) quiet house as my family sleeps.

Life has been a lot lately. My dad spent four weeks in the hospital in June. We're chasing kids around with their summer schedules and I've been lucky enough to have a calendar full of client projects.

Through it all, here's what I know: it's possible to tone down the crazy and rein in the circus. With intention and effort, one of the most tangible and productive transformations you can make is simplifying your space. After a crazy day, there's something wonderful about walking into your home where everything has a place. Somehow it allows you to breathe deeper and settle in peacefully. Here's the good news: you have complete control in making your space provide the rest and connection you deserve.

If you're overwhelmed by where to begin, start small! Pick a drawer in your kitchen then move on to a ruthless clean-out of each space. Spend some time getting rid of the extra, duplicates, outgrown, and unnecessary items. And remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint. Here is a checklist of rooms to tackle:

  • Master Closet

  • Master Bedroom

  • Master Bathroom

  • Children's Closets

  • Children's Bedrooms

  • Children's Bathrooms

  • Guest Bedroom

  • Guest Bathroom

  • Pantry

  • Kitchen

  • Laundry Room

  • Living Room

  • Office

  • Hall Closet

  • Garage

  • Basement/Storage spaces

Remember you're not after minimalism, you're after simplicity - a clutter-free life.

Set aside things to donate and throw away trashed or broken items. Then sort similar items you plan to keep together in containers. The toll visual clutter takes on our minds is profound, and you'll be amazed at what clear countertops and more breathing room can do for your mood.

Need a little guidance or someone to keep you motivated? My team of professional organizers would love to help. Contact me (Emily!) at There's nothing we love more than helping busy families restore order and simplicity so you can focus on what really matters!

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