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Hey there!


I'm the Lead Organizer & Owner of Simplified KC. 

Want to hear something crazy? For my 8th birthday, I asked for a Gift Certificate to the Container Store. My Pro Organizer fate was sealed.

With a lifelong love of organizing and interior spaces, I launched my business to help busy families streamline their homes and establish easy-to-maintain systems tailored to their lifestyle.

As a mom of two boys, I understand the juggling act of managing a household and busy schedules. I know the chaos that clutter and disorganization brings, and there's nothing I love more than helping families tackle those spaces to create a beautifully organized home.

With years of experience and a knack for finding practical solutions, I'm here to assist with decluttering, organizing, and optimizing your space. Whether it's an overflowing closet, making a chaotic kitchen flow, or styling and decorating a room, I'm ready dive in.

My approach is rooted in empathy and understanding, and I'll work closely with your family to develop a personalized solution to fit your lifestyle. 

Ready to simplify?

Bathroom Kit


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