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Simplified KC's Summer Staples

Hey... is this thing on? It's been a minute since I've hit publish on a blog post. Happy Summer to you all! With July right around the corner, the boys and I are soaking up the sun and enjoying every possible minute together.

This is apparently the summer I was forced to enter my Sporty Spice era. The boys want to do nothing else but play tennis, hit the pool, and take early morning bike rides. That means hats, sunscreen, good shoes, a fierce backhand, and a garage with sports equipments thrown everywhere. I've rounded up my summer essentials from my favorite acne-safe sunscreen (the struggle was real to find a good one!) to a practical garage sports equipment organizer. If you're in the market, check these goodies out - I swear by them.

1. Acne-Safe Sunscreen: This brand is called Face Reality and my esthetician raved about it. Now so do I - for good reason. If you struggle with breakouts, this will be your new BFF. It's a broad-spectrum physical sunscreen that protects against UVA & UVB rays, all while providing a matte finish. It's great for everyone, especially sensitive skin. I use it before I put on my makeup (because the SPF in your foundation alone isn't enough!) so I'm ready to soak up the sun - safely!

2. Heavy Duty Sports Storage Rack: Keep athletic equipment organized and your garage floors clear with my favorite storage rack. It includes two wire-grid bins: a lower basket for soccer balls or basketballs and an upper basket for baseballs or golf balls. Removable dividers and a plastic bottom liner lets you customize storage, and removable hooks give you a landing spot for bags, racquets, or jackets. For a family that's always running from sport to sport, this is a serious everyday catchall that eliminates clutter.

3. Ballcap: You can't go wrong with Athleta. This cap is water-resistant, super durable, and has an adjustable strap on the back. Not to be your mom, but put on a hat when you're outside in the hot sun. And go put on more sunscreen!

4. Tennis Skirt: Listen, I HATE wearing shorts. Give me a breezy dress or an athletic skort and I'm all set. This one is super cute and comfy, comes in tons of colors, and is super affordable!

5. My trusty aviator sunnies: I own multiple pairs in different colors. They're flattering on any face shape, polarized, and bonus: you'll feel like Kelly McGillis in Top Gun. Can't beat that.

6. Tennis shoes: Enough said. These are cute, comfortable, and allow me to chase two busy boys with no sweat (just kidding, so much sweat).

7. Tower 28 SOS Spray: Ya'll. RUN and try this! I'm beyond obsessed with this daily facial spray that soothes + purifies stressed-out skin and helps calm irritation and redness. It contains Hypochlorous Acid which is naturally produced by the body's immune system. Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties defend your skin from harmful bacteria and soothe irritation. I use it as a toner + occasionally throughout the day. I'm in LOVE!

8. Pickleball bag: Has anyone else jumped on the Pickleball train? I'm hooked and am loving this bag. It's big enough for my water bottle, paddle, and a few other essentials inside.

Join me and embrace your own Sporty Spice era this month. Cheers to long, lazy summer days! Hope you're enjoying every single one.

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