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A Kid's Craft Cart

My kids love coloring, painting, and crafting. What can I say? They get it from their mama. When I need a few calm(ish) minutes to get dinner ready or want to quickly throw a few coloring books + supplies in my bag, it's the craft cart to the rescue! I keep it tucked away near the kitchen table for easy access as it houses construction paper, coloring supplies, scissors and more.

Not only is it really cute, but I'm able to organize things in a kid-friendly way so the boys are encouraged to grab supplies and get their creative juices flowing anytime! Plus it has wheels so they can pull it over to the kitchen counter and chat with me while I'm working on dinner! Full disclosure: I didn't put this cart together until they were closer to 5 years old (and was 99% certain no one would snag a crayon and color on the walls). Granted, it's never too late for these aspiring little artists, but at least now they know better!

I found my cart at Michael's and was so impressed by the huge range of colors available. We're talking 15+ options! From bright colors ranging from coral, berry, and peacock blue to more basic neutrals, these are easy to assemble and you can get a deal by using an additional 20% off coupon which made mine right around $25.00. The same one is available on Amazon here.

After it was assembled, I used these inserts to contain all crayons and writing utensils. However, since The Home Edit "broke the Container Store" as I like to call it, they're sold out and back ordered both In-Store and Online for the foreseeable future. However, I found some that are very similar on Amazon. They are available in black or white, and come in a Pack of 5 at a great price point!

I divided everything into the following categories and placed them inside of each insert:


Colored Pencils



Kid's Scissors


Flashcards & Card Games

I also found these tall magazine holders which contain all coloring & school workbooks, construction paper, and watercolor paper. Here are a few other options if you're looking to add a brighter pop of color or pattern:

1. I love the Blu Monaco brand. These in pink are darling for a little girl's space.

2. I am absolutely obsessed with this floral option. They are thick, sturdy, foldable (!) and to be completely transparent, I ordered a set immediately when I saw them!

3. A more classic option, these Bigso Magazine Storage Boxes come in a pack of three and are available in White or Black. Definitely can't go wrong here!

Finally, I added a cute succulent to give our craft cart some life (which is still alive and well, thank you very much). And VOILA! There you have it... a cute, kid-friendly craft storage solution that makes life just a little more simple and a lot more fun!

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