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Pantry Organization 101

A well-organized pantry is a game-changer for the flow of your home. Unfortunately, pantry organization is not always an easy task. Not only does the process take time, but the process of organizing gets worse before it gets better. Not to mention it takes combined effort from everyone in the family to maintain the order. So to help you get started, here is the tried-and-true Simplified KC process to make organizing your pantry as quick and effective as possible.

1. Clean everything out

The first step is to empty your pantry and clean it thoroughly clean. Remove everything from the shelves and get rid of anything that is expired, or you do not use frequently. You’ll be surprised at how long some of those cans and condiments have been sitting on the shelves. Starting with a clean slate will not only make more space but make you feel like you have a complete fresh start.

2. Sort like-items into categories

Take inventory of everything that is left. Put like-items together and divide the food items into sections. Store items with similar uses in the same location. If you did not check for expired foods during the cleaning process, take your time to weed them out together with items you may not need anymore. Categorizing everything makes it easy to access what you need when you need it. Not only will you be able to put your hands on something right when you need it, but when it’s time to go grocery shopping, you’ll be able to quickly and easily see when you’re running low and exactly what you need to purchase.

3. Contain each item

Storing your pantry items helps create order and reduces visual clutter. Once you have sorted each item into a category, purchase containers. Pro tip: Wait to purchase containers until you have cleaned out your pantry and sorted each item into a category. It’s so tempting to run to The Container Store and buy baskets and bins immediately (trust me, it's my favorite way to spend an afternoon!) but if you wait until you know exactly what needs to be contained, you’ll save time and money in the long run.

Be sure to measure your shelves prior to purchasing. Check the height and depth of each shelf to make sure what you grab will fit perfectly. Then decide whether you prefer a clear, acrylic option for your items, or if you like them hidden from view entirely with baskets. Whatever you choose, make it functional for your family. If it's beautiful but doesn't fit with how you live your life, it's pointless.

4. Label your containers

I repeat. Label your containers! As tempting as it can be to skip this step, I promise you it’s crucial in maintaining your beautifully organized pantry. Not only will you be able to find things easily, but it’s important for each member of your household to find what they need as well as help put things away where they belong. Trust me – when your husband does the grocery run, you’ll be thankful you took the extra time to label those bins, baskets, and containers!

Are you planning a pantry organization project soon? The Simplified KC team of experienced organizers led by lead organizer Emily Wimer is ready to help. We understand how hectic and challenging it can be to organize a space in your home, especially if you are busy. We get it, it’s time consuming!

Our team is based in Overland Park, Kansas, and serves a wide range of clients looking for help with home organization. We can assist in decluttering and organizing any space and create beautiful, functional organization systems to simplify your life. Nothing brings us more joy!

Contact Simplified Kansas City to work with our team to create your ideal pantry organization system. Reach out to us to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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