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Bathroom Organization 101

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

When Sarah contacted me to help organize her bathroom, I was beyond excited to get my hands on it! She and her husband moved into a new neighborhood in South Overland Park and the home they purchased was one of the models.

That said, the bathroom was light, bright, big, and beautiful! It just needed a few hours of work to get it back to its former glory.

The Goal:

Keep the countertops clutter-free and utilize containers to better house items.

The Challenge:

While the space itself was large, the drawers below the sinks were located down low and were rather shallow. This forced us to get creative and arrange containers like puzzle pieces to maximize each square inch.

The Process:

Let me preface this by saying this process is what every good organizer should be doing. You can't organize clutter.

  1. First, remove all items - I'm talking everything - from each surface, cabinet, drawer, nook, and cranny you can find. Throw away trash and donate what you no longer need. Your space will look much worse before it gets better... hang in there!

  2. Give each surface, drawer, and cabinet a light cleaning. Vacuum out each space and wipe it down with a wet rag or dust cloth.

  3. Sort each item into a specific category. In this instance: makeup, skincare, haircare, nails, teeth/whitening products, hair tools. travel products and backstock. (Note: Backstock includes multiples of any item you own. While you may have three toothpaste tubes in a pack, only one needs to live in your drawer. The other two can be stored in a separate container for you to grab when you run out. In a bathroom, this typically includes toothpaste, dental floss, contact lens refills, mouthwash, etc.)

  4. Contain each item by finding individual bins for each category you created. Just check out this makeup drawer below! This is what dreams are made of, my friends.

5. Last but not least - label, label, label! Anything that was in a basket or bin was given a Cricut vinyl label. Not only does it look nice and neat, but it also encourages you to put things back where they belong and maintain organization in the space.

The Solution:

An organized, beautiful master bathroom that is functional and free from clutter.


People always ask if it's OK for things to live on the countertop. Absolutely! I'm fine with that as long as each item is contained. Give your everyday items (hand soap, toothbrush, perfume bottle, cleanser, etc) a tray to live on or keep them in a basket so they don't start to spread. Only keep what will fit on that tray within arm's reach. The rest gets put away!

Take 5 minutes every day to put away items that have found their way onto the countertop. If you chip away at maintaining your space for a few minutes at a time, you won't have to spend an hour and a half clearing it over the weekend!

Products We Used:

  1. Container Store shallow drawer organizers in various sizes. They're acrylic, easy to rinse, and are on my list of favorite things.

  1. A vanity tray similar to this one houses everyday items you need within arm's reach.

  2. Cricut Joy for creating labels. I literally can't tell you how much I love this. It's compact, easy to use from my phone, and while I thought I would only use it for labeling, have found it to be incredible for all sorts of projects (... more on that later!)

Do you need help tackling your space? I would love to help get you started! Contact Me at for a free estimate.


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