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Linen Closet Organization

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Here's what you need to know about linen closets in older homes. They're often tall, skinny, and tricky to keep organized unless you have a system. (Ok... that last one might be linen closets in general, but you catch my drift.)

Like any space, the linen closet can become a catchall for lots of things that don't belong as they're typically located in or around the bedroom or bathroom. That's why containing each item and giving it a home is crucial to help minimize clutter and maintain organization.

This Overland Park, Kansas linen closet got an organization makeover in September, and in just over an hour, we transformed this chaotic space into one that is infinitely more functional for this family of four.

The Problem:

This long, lean linen closet housed lots of items that didn't belong and it was difficult to see exactly what was in each container.

The Process:

  1. First, always remove everything from the space. We threw away trash, created a donation pile, and gave a new home to the items that didn't belong.

  2. We sorted through each item and categorized. Categories ranged from towels, hair tools, and allergy to kid's medicine, Band Aids, and pain relief.

  3. Items were then removed from their packaging and contained. Frequently used items were grouped into a clear, acrylic turntable while items like thermometers, cough drops, and less frequently used items were stored away on higher shelves.

  4. Finally, we labeled each container and placed everything back on the shelves.

The End Result:

A linen closet where each item isn't only accessible, but has a specific home. Not only does this help keep the space tidy, it helps the entire family easily find what they're looking for and helps them return it to where it belongs. Bonus!

Looking for more tips on how to organize your space? Follow along here! If you're ready to work with Professional Organizer, Emily Wimer from Simplified Kansas City, be sure to get in touch by emailing We'd love to learn more about your space!

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