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Bathroom Shelves
In-Person Organization

Think of me as a personal trainer for your space. I'll help you declutter and organize + create an easy-to-maintain system for your home. 


Our Approach:

1. Schedule a 20-minute phone consultation.


2. If Simplified KC is a good fit, I'll arrive in-person to measure and create a detailed proposal and space plan for your project. 


3. Schedule an Organization date.

4. The Simplified KC team will meticulously organize your space and drop off donations upon completion of your project.

Price: $55/hour 

The average project requires 3-4 hours. Clients are billed to the nearest quarter hour.

*Please note that the hourly rate is billed per organizer.

Virtual Organization
Virtual Organization

Our virtual service is perfect for out-of-town clients or those more comfortable with Video Conferencing. It includes three face-to-face video chats to provide purging recommendations, discuss your overall goals for the space, organizing implementation, and placement suggestions.

Our Approach:

1. Schedule a 20-minute virtual session to discuss purging recommendations and your overall goals for the space. You provide the measurements and Simplified KC will outline suggested Zones & Categories for your belongings. From there, we provide a complete list of suggested products based on your budget, needs, and aesthetic.


2. Schedule one virtual session to implement project organization and a final session to review the final work.

Price: $55 per hour

On average, most projects require two hours.

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Don't see what you're looking for?

Get in touch! I would love to hear more about the project you have in mind. 

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